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9.1.6 long time to show the "Save" path


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I'm having a problem with 9.1.6 when I first open Logic. Logic shows the smaller gray finder window to save but takes a abnormally long time to show the path of the save file location. If I leave the room and come back in a few minutes it sorts itself out, not particularly conducive to work flow. If I hit cancel it crashes. I updated to 10.6.8 in order to instal the Logic update, but 9.1.5 still seems to be loading normally. Anybody else experiencing this? - Emile
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Ok.. so the next thing to try would be to trash your spotlight indexes and re-index.. making sure you are not indexing any external drives in the process.


From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

Click Spotlight.

Click the Privacy tab.

Select your System hard drive and add it to the list. (Or drag it there from Finder)

Add every other HD, internal and external in the same way as above

Remove your System Hard Drive from Privacy List that you just added.


Spotlight will then re-index it.


Be aware, it can take anything from 30 minutes to several hours to reindex a drive depending on how much data you have on that drive.. and the speed of the drive.


Once you have reindexed the System drive.. test out Logic and see if things improve. If they do, remove any other internal or external drives, one at a time that you added to that list.. let it reindex that drive and then check again between each one until you find the 'problem' drive... if any. Sometimes just re-indexing itself.. fixes these kinds of issues.


If this doesn't fix things.. then get back to us...


Fingers crossed

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Looks like David may have started a new thread for me, if so, thanks! No luck with that Spotlight re-indexing procedure, Nigel. If I open 9.1.6 from another project it seems to work ok, but if I just open Logic from the dock, it still gets hung up on the initial save. I get the beach ball for awhile and no files listed in the smaller gray Logic menu finder. Eventually, the beach ball goes away, then comes back and finally the files appear and everything works but something is wrong. It's taking a lot longer than it should and is clearly unstable. It still works fine with 9.1.5. Thanks. - Emile
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Looks like David may have started a new thread for me, if so, thanks!


He did? Which one?


No luck with that Spotlight re-indexing procedure, Nigel.....


Try turning off your WiFi and see if that improves matters.... and then also unplug your Ethernet if turning off WiFi by itself doesn't help.


If it does resolve your issue.. then this leads me to think you are having a similar issue to several people recently that has something to do with the way 9.1.6 'phones home'


Let us know if this is the case...

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Bingo! It's the ethernet connection, or something along that line. I just disconnected the ethernet cable from the back of my iMac and boom, 9.1.6 loaded up and saved the initial file in a normal timely fashion. My computer is not operating with any Wi-Fi but there's a Belkin POS router between my cable modem and the Mac to transmit household Wi-Fi for my iPhone. I'll try bypassing that to see if that has anything to do with it. More likely than not, it sounds like it has something to do with 9.1.6 phoning home. Pretty irritating to go through updating my OS to keep up with the Logic update, just to find that I'll have to yank out my ethernet cable each time I want to open and save a fresh project. Thanks for the clue, Nigel, and anymore light you can shine on this.


David, thanks for moving this thread! - Emile

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