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There are times when Apple gets it so wrong......


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...but there are times that Apple gets it so right too!


I'm not a huge fan of some of Apple's policies and at times their approach to Customer service, especially concerning technical questions.. can be a little odd to say the least...




Last weekend, a client of mine went to his nearest Apple store (A round trip journey of some 275 miles..) to pick up a Verizon 32GB iPad 2 but found they had sold out...and only had AT&T iPads left. Because AT&T doesn't provide service in his locale he returned home empty handed


He called me yesterday and reluctantly asked me to help him order the iPad he wanted online as he had been unable to find the model he wanted anywhere else, within traveling distance. He accepted he wouldn't get it in time for Christmas so we ordered it together via TeamViewer and that was that. The estimated delivery time was between the 27th Dec and 3rd Jan and overnight shipping was not an option because of where he lives (BFE in the Highlands Mountain region of North Carolina)


This morning at 11am, Fedex delivered his iPad to him!


I guess Apple really pulled out the stops to get iPads out to everyone in time for Christmas... even though they are totally unaware of his situation...


That is what I call great customer service...


Thank you Apple...

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I agree. I use Amazon all the time these days for a variety of purchases... and usually they are very speedy especially when you use the Prime Membership..


I have to say though.. less that 19 hours to get an iPad ordered online with Apple to delivery in BFE, is pretty exceptional!

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