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automating EQ on guitars?

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Hi Guys,


I'm aware that sometimes a killer guitar sound in a mix can actually sound completley different if you were solo it.


My question is what if you needed to do that?


Say you have your guitar sound mixed well into the song and everything sounds good, but you want to have a section where its just guitar. Obviously the actual guitar sound would get exposed then.


Would you automate the EQ in this instance? Perhaps bringing some low end in when its just the guitar and return to your original settings when everything comes in?


Would love to know what people do in this instance.



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I'd probably just use a second (duplicate) track with all the necessary adjustments.... it'd make mixing boatloads easier than using automation.


Cut out the required regions from Track A, and move them to track B.





^Agreed^ but do this in conjunction with hitting the "new track with duplicate setting" button that is just under neath the "track" tab in the arrange window. Then you won't have to drag over any plugins that you need to duplicate. Then EQ to taste :)

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