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Who can help me build my studio?

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I'm still new to this but i am really eager to start recording guitars/vocals and producing some tunes. The set-up i'm running at the moment really doesn't sound good quality theres always a buzz or sound not coming through something. I don't know whats going wrong i think its something to do with the inputs and outputs i'm using on everything.

I think this could be useful for people in the future who are setting up hardware but basically i'm just really looking for someone to show me what i'm doing wrong.


I have IMac with OSX, version 10.6.8, 2.16GHz IntelCore 2 Duo

Logic Pro 9

Pro Tools SE


M-Audio Fast track audio Interface with phono outputs/Jack and XLR Inputs


Alto ZMX52 Mixer with Jack L and R output and phono output/Jack and XLR inputs


Kaoss Pad KP3 with Phono output and MIDI output/Phono and Jack Input


Akai MIDI keyboard USB


Akai Pad Controller USB


Monitor Speakers Jack output/Jack input


I really dont know if i have it set up properly i dont know which cables i need to connect things to the computer and mixer.

Could anyone help me to get everything working together and sounding at its best quality.

Thank you for even having the time to read i know its probably simple.

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one thing to look at is your electricity. at home, i wired up my setup with great care, but had a hum in the speakers. a ground lift on the final AC plug got rid of it (old building, so bad grounding).


check your AC plugs. otherwise, google some of this, it's a lot to ask about...!

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Thanks for the replys,

i have got rid of a bit of feedback now but still am having trouble using my equipment to its full potential.

my Kaoss pad is giving a really low volume into the mixer and i think its how ive wired everything up.

my computer doesnt seem to be picking up a good signal from something and neither does my speakers.

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