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VST's? GIGA Files?


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For logic, can somebody run be through the virtual instruments and soundfonts that are attainable and how to use them?


I've been told the following:


- Get an AU wrapper, and then download the vst's and open them through the wrapper. (My question here is, will ALL vst's work? I'd have to download vst's for mac wouldn't i?



* is there a site/blog that releases new vsti's, soundfonts?


I've just hit the point where I'm sorta craving for new sounds and tired of the usual logic sounds, been usin it since '08



Any sort of help would be appreciated!

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Browse/surf this site:


...they've got 99 % of all AU and VST plugins listed in their database.


About VST's: there are not many Mac VST's that don't also have an AU version, but those that don't, can be wrapped. Mind you, not all of them. Many VST's won't wrap, and sometimes wrapped ones don't work (unresponsive GUI).

There are two AU to VST wrappers, one by reFX (costs money) and a free one.



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