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How to get two wav's to a real stereo track?


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Hi all.


I'm testing some psp plugs and they seam to really be hitting hard (cpu) in PT 8 le.


I figure, let me see how they fair in Logic.


I have 2 audio wavs I imported (import audio). Although I could not grab both wavs at the same time, I brought them into a Logic session one at a time. How can I get both wav 1 and 2 on one stereo track. It's either one or the other if I slide it in from the bin.


In the bin, there is a drop down for the 2 files, but if I grab the main folder it doesn't seam to bring both in and visually I only see one wav.


I then instead of a stereo track..created 2 mono tracks and stuck one wav on each.... I'm taking a "send" from each (wav L and wav R) to an aux stereo channel . I can send on say buss 1 of wav 1 send to a stereo aux channel, And send on say buss 2 of wav 2 to that stereo aux. But there is no L and R or 1 and 2 buss input on the stereo aux. I can only feed the stereo buss with one bus. So the send on say buss 2 of wav 2 gets set to buss one...... and the input for the aux is buss 1...


So now if I drop the buss 1 wav 1 send output or the buss 1 wav 2 send out put....... the meters in the aux (2) work together and I get no separation of left and right in that stereo aux.



Guess the question would be........How do I get a stereo, LR, 1and 2, onto a stereo track?


Happy New Year.and Thank you,



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Yep.....I stuck a brainworx ms eq on it............I get silence when soloing stereo.



I'm thinking instead of 2 multi mon from pt I have to export as interleaved.




But either way........you should be able to take 2 mono audio tracks and assign each to a channel in a stereo aux or track???

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OK..well I sent those two mono audio tracks to mono aux tracks first...... set left and right pans on those aux's and got stereo back.



As far as the plugs I'm auditioning ....................When I'd put a bunch of plugs (test driving, and the ones I have) in a PT mastering set up..... cpu barely gets to 40 or 50% and PT freezes because of cpu usage ........piece of crap.


Logic hangs in there strong!


PT piece of crap.

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If you rename the two WAVs' with an extra .L and .R added, Logic sees them as split stereo, and will put 'm on a stereo track. Their names have to be the same though, something like Mywav.L and Mywav.R.


If you wanted to create a new stereo file you could just have imported the two each on their own track, pan hard left and right, solo the two tracks, and bounce out a stereo WAV... it seems you are overcomplicating things.



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