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Why is Logic suddenly freezing and running slow?


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Hey whats up people,


So I am using Logic 9 and Battery 3 to produce. I've been using this combo for a while with no major issues until a few days ago. Suddenly, whenever I try to do anything (such as lay down a simple drum pattern) Logic will hiccup, or freeze for a second, and it has crashed a few times also. I noticed the cpu meter at the bottom is constantly staying up a few notches even when I do nothing. When I play a kick/snare combo it shoots almost all the way up. My first thought was to free up some room on my computer. I went through and deleted tons of stuff I didn't need and opened up at least 20 gigs worth of room. But the same thing is still happening? Any solutions or ways around it? I can't figure out why this would start suddenly happening when nothing major changed. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

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