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Changing string techniques within MIDI region


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I'm new, and I'm also an artist more than a computer nerd, so I'm learning :).


I am working on a piece involving strings (violins/violas cinema software instruments), which each have their own sub effects like pizzicato, legato, etc. So far, it seems I have three methods to work with: (1) choose a single technique from the Library for an entire track (through EXS24), (2) "play in" the technique changes with the modulation dial on my M-Audio Keystation 61-es (just a basic MIDI keyboard) as I record, and (3) put in the modulation number somewhere directly on the MIDI region to change the instrument technique used.


I have a track that uses option 3 (which I prefer), and within the MIDI region there is a horizontal GREEN line (it looks like something related to Automation) with a value from 1 - 127 I can edit...which makes those technique changes perfectly. However, I have not been able to replicate this approach whatsoever on my other tracks. Somehow I managed to find the right settings the first time (I'm still learning Logic Pro 9), and I can't figure out how I did it.


If someone could walk me through how to get back to the (view?) in the Arrange window where the green line shows up again, I would be grateful!


Thanks for the help!!!

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