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setting audio interface focusrite pro 24 dsp


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i need your advice to set the of buffer size of logic...


The buffer size you choose in logic greatly depend on what you are trying to do!

Do you record mostly audio or MIDI?

Do you use any "CPU-hog" software instruments?


I would set the I/O buffer to 32 or 64 samples for starters.

If you experience any problems, rise it!


...and latency driver for the best results.thanks.


The Firewire Driver Latency is a buffer that is applied by the driver to make sure that firewire connection is stable.

You should normally get away with Short but you can make it longer if you start to experience crackles at large I/O buffer sizes.

This could actually happen if you have both audio interface and external disks connected to the same firewire bus.


Hope that helps a little bit.

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thanks for your helpfull like always reply.i record -most of the part audio,and i use vst instruments like vanguard,nexus and omnisphere.


Vanguard and Nexus are very gentle on the CPU.

Omnisphere can be really demanding.


You will probably have to augment your I/O buffer when recording (IE when it's set into Live mode)

But that will always depend on the Multi or Patch you're using!

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