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Roland HPD15 records 'x'es instead of midi notes. [solved:]


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I'm new to the forum, so here is a little introduction:

I'm what you can call a total noob, I have logic, but am still using garageband more, because i understand it better, i have a roland hpd 15 wich i want to use as a midi instrument but know nothing about midi exept what i know from some youtube videos i don't know much about the music-language (like samplerate, ...) and english is not my mother tongue, so please talk to me like to a child.


now to my problem:

I want to connect my roland hpd 15 to logic with a midi to usb cable.

The problem is that playing my HPD doesn't record Midi notes in my midi track, but only 'x'es appear and neither the roland nor logic can produce sounds out of these.

If I create midi notes with my macbook keyboard thou, the hpd can play them.


I wrote a mail to roald and but they explained that my settings on the hpd are correct and that the problem is with logic.


what can i do?

[solved] Midi Cable was defective.

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So you are saying that Logic cant make any use of sysex? because when I wrote to roland support they answered that logic should be able to change the 'x'es to midi notes.


I now reset the hpd to factory settings, but still it's sending sysex.

could it be the cable? (I got it from ebay for about 6$)

i searched the hpd manual pdf for the word sysex and there were 0 hits.

and i read everything in it related to midi, but there was nothing that could help me.

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Ok I searched for System Exclusive and found this:


Following System Exclusive Messages cannot be recorded.


ii = ID number

dd,..., ee = data



The System Exclusive Messages received by the normal mode of HPD-15 are; Universal Non-realtime System Exclusive Messages, Data Requests (RQ1), and Data Set (DT1).


didn't really understand a word of that

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So you are saying that Logic cant make any use of sysex?


No, I did not say that. What I said is that you should configure your MIDI controller to send MIDI notes and not system exclusive events. Basically, make sure your controller sends the correct events in the first place, rather than have Logic translate wrong events back into correct ones.


In your HPD15 manual, go to page 85: Restoring the Factory Settings. Then the pads should send MIDI notes.

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Like I said, I allready did that and its still not sending MIDI notes.

Sorry I missed it when you said that.


Contact Roland again. I'm fairly sure that after a factory reset it should be sending MIDI Note events, not system exclusive events.


Or if you want follow the procedure detailed in the manual to program which MIDI note is sent by each individual pad. There's a section called "Using the HPD15 with external MIDI devices" or something like that.

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