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Changing tempo of audio with Flextime [SOLVED]


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Hi guys; I've had a look at other posts regarding this, but I'm still a little confused.


Basically, I have 4 different audio files (three choir and one french horn) from a track I'm writing. The origial song was 90 BPM, but the revised version is now 95 BPM.


I tried using Flextime on each track (tempophone and speed), but it sounded wrong. I tried re-importing each audio file into the new template (at 95 BPM) thinking I'd get a dialogue asking if I wanted the audio file to be matched to the songs BPM, but it didn't. I don't want the pitch altered, just the tempo.


I'm sure there is a simple work around here!


Help guys!



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Look at you original project and notate the length of the regions (make sure that the regions are exactly as long as the audio files).

Open up the new project and import the files. Answer no to the tempo question.

Now the Polyphonic flex mode instead. And be sure to tick the Complex option.

Option - drag the region end to the same amount of bars as the previous project.

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