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9.1.6 CPU spiking when scrolling in arrange


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Hey guys


Im experiencing Cpu overloads when scrolling in arrange window in 9.1.6. Only one of my 8 cores is overloading(no mater what io buffer and processing buffer is selected, and also number of cores).


Im on Lion 10.7.2 on a quad i7 MBP. Any body else getting this behavior? Ive tried some testing and didn't find any solution:


-repairing permissions

-using Onyx for all system maintenance

-turning graphics card switching on discrete only

and finally making a clean install of Lion and Logic

No luck


If I look in the Activity Monitor the cpu percent for Logic jumps drastically .


Its for the first time since Logic 7 that Ive found myself in a corner without a solution :/


REgards J

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Hey David thanks for the response.


The cpu hits occur with or without playback. Its really weird. I don't see any other software having similar issues.

I have 2 graphic cards in my MBP(Intel integrated and Radeon 5750) and they both do the same. The most strange thing is that i see spikes in Logic itself and also in Activity monitor(In Logics threads).


I didnt have any such issues with 9.1.5.

So the radical move will be to move back-fortunatelly i have a backup of the update file, but the new multicore bounce is really nice.


Ive reported this to Apple via their feedback system.



Regards J

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