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Problem with multiple instrument MIDI, Reason and Logic.


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MacBook Pro, 2,3 GHz

Software: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2, Logic Pro 9.1.6 and Reason 5.0

Soundcard: Motu 828mkII

Midi Keyboards: M-audio Axiom 61 2nd gen. and Ensoniq TS-12


I use the stuff as a live keyboard set-up. I live-record the keyboard-sounds and the rest of the band during sessions on 16 separate channels in Logic. I improvise with different sounds/patches from Reason during the sessions. I send the reason-sounds as audio-tracks out from the Motu soundcard and record back to Logic.


I have the TS-12 keyboard MIDI-connected to the Axiom and the Axiom USB-MIDI-connected to the computer.


I dedicate the TS-12 keyboard to a VST instrument (fender rhodes) in Logic. Always the same sound on that keyboard. I run the Rhodes-sound out from Logic and soundcard thru analog wha-wha, delay and external amplifier.


I want to play the Reason-sounds only on my Axiom. I want to be able to improvise and change sounds in Reason during the recorded gig.


In Reason I have no problems disconnect the TS-12 as a MIDI-keyboard from the sounds. I run only the Reason-sounds with the Axiom keyboard.


The problem I get is that I can’t separate the Axiom keyboard from the VST logic-instrument (fender rhodes) within Logic. When I press the keys in Axiom I hear both the VST logic-instrument and the Reason-sounds.


I have tried to dedicate different MIDI-channels to different tracks in Logic in order to run with split keyboards. I have tried to follow viewtopic.php?f=5&t=32201. One MIDI-channel and keyboard for the VST, another for the Reason-tracks. Maybe it doesn’t work because I am trying to control multiple instruments and midi channels in both Reason and Logic at the same time?


I wonder if a solution is to run the Axiom MIDI thru Logic direct to Reason? To run the Axiom as a midi-keyboard dedicated to Reason without affecting the Logic-parameters? Is there a way to do this? Is there a way to diable the Axiom keys from Logic and only affect Reason?



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Hi Martin,


If I understand correctly you need to channelize the Reason instrument so you can trigger each instrument from a given hardware device v.s midi channel.

You are not the first one who ask about that. I have post a detail scheme in this forum how to do that in the Logic Environment.

Here is the link : Channelizing the Reason Instruments in the Logic Environment

Note: I'm on my PC laptop right now and the Internet Safari browser does not show the full image of the scheme in that link i.e the Channel Splitter cables which are routed to two Rewire Instruments - it must be the new forum look. So right click the image and open it in a new window to show it in full size or drag it on your desktop and open.


I just found out another forum link where I have provided a non-voice QT video about that:

Here it is: Reason Instruments via Logic Multi



I send the reason-sounds as audio-tracks out from the Motu soundcard and record back to Logic.

You can route the output of the Reason Aux track(s) in Logic to given Bus(es) instead of to the Stereo Output(s). Assign the Audio Track(s) Input select to record from that Bus(es) instead of hardware inputs. This way you can record the Reason audio directly to the Logic Audio Tracks without making hardware routings etc.

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