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Mixing volumes of midi tracks


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I'm sure this is an easy one but i'm sort of new to this. I'm using logic 9.0 mac os with an M-Audio keystation 61es

I've recorded several midi tracks and now want to mix the volumes of the tracks. When I change the volume of the track on the mixer and then press play it immediately goes back to the volume it was at when i recorded it. I unplugged the Midi controller and tried automating the track but still am having the same problem.

any suggestions?


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It seems that your external device have been sent CC7 during the recording - it is RBA Automation in Logic (you can check that using the Event List Editor for a given region).

You can Batch Delete all events using my old trick:


1. Select all tracks/regions in the Arrange.

2. Open the Transform window and set the Mode to "Delete selected events"

3. Set the condition Status=Control and the condition Data Byte 1=7

4. Hit "Select & Operate


There is another method to filter the incoming CC7 in real time using an Environment transformer .


1. Patch a new Transformer object between the Physical Input and the Sequencer in the Click & Ports Environment layer.

2. Set the Transformer Mode template to "Filter Matching Events"

3. Set the Status=Control and the Data Byte 1=7

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