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Waveburner doesn't recognise all audio streams.

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My audio 'interface' consists of a PreSonus Studiolive 24.4.2 and a PreSonus Firestudio mobile daisychained. This creates 42 ins and 32 outs.


This creates 3 audio streams in audio MIDI setup.


stream 1 Outputs 1-6 (mobile)

stream 2 Outputs 7-22 (Studiolive 1-16)

stream 3 Outputs 23 - 32 (Studiolive 17-26)


I like to use the 2-track firewire return on the Studiolive as my main output from the computer, usually this would be channels 25+26, but with the FSM added in they become channels 31 and 32.


In waveburner, when selecting my audio device and the outputs it only makes the first audio stream available to me, which is outs 1+2, 3+4 and 5+6. (the firestudio mobiles outs)


If I remove the FSM from the chain then outputs 1 thru 16 on the Studiolive become available to me in stereo pairs in waveburners prefs, but not 17 thru 26.


So, my question. How do I access outputs 31 + 32 in waveburner, on audio stream 3. Because currently I can't actually use it as I don't have the outputs of the FSM connected to anything, and don't want them connected to anything. I only use the FSM for the instrument inputs and midi connectivity.


Please note changing the order of daisy chain or which unit is the master clock makes no difference, I currently have the studiolive first in the chain and the clock is the SL24s internal.


Would really appreciate any help here as the only way to do it atm is remove the FSM from the chain and return waveburner into two channels on the first 16 channels of my SL24.



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Thought I'd just update everyone with a better workaround that I've found. I already had soundflower installed but completely forgot about the 'soundflowerbed' app. So now I have waveburner set to Soundflower 2ch and then in soundflowerbed I have that routed to channels 31+32 aka firewire 'tape' in on the SL24.


Whilst I'm quite happy with this workaround I'd still like to hear peoples thoughts on waveburner not recognising anything other than the first audio stream. Is this just something waveburner can't do?

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