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Mixer snapshots


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I think you misunderstood my question. Try this:


Open a channel EQ in insert slot 1 of an instrument channel. Then create an environment fader programmed to generate Fader, 3, 36 messages and connect it to the channel strip. Move the fader. What do you see happening in the EQ?





Then when you are thru with that, create a Fader button 3, 33 and another fader 3, 35 and give the EQ something so it displays a wave.


Press the button - What happens? Now move the 3,35 fader - What happens?




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While everyone is busy figuring out how fun Logic can be, I have to say that if you spend a little time with the environment, you could easily create a basic mixer snapshot to store and recall your settings. There is no need to over complicate it or try to obtain 'inbetween' values that Logic won't allow.


In the mean time, did anyone ever think of controlling that little 'Compare' button on each Insert. :shock:


Imagine pressing a button (created in the Environment, naturally) that is cabled to every insert you use and toggle all the inserts that were modified so as to A/B a song.


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