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Slice at Flex marker? (not transient)


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Ableton lets you warp a file then "Slice to new MIDI track" on either "transient" OR "warp marker". This is really handy when you want to take a LONG track, like an old soul jam from the '70's, and set a handful of warp markers on transients in interesting places and chop your track.


Is there any way to set Flex Markers in Logic on just a handful of transients and slice on that? It seems like you can only slice on transient markers in flex mode which gives way too many slices on a long track. Or is there a way to choose only some transients and slice to new sampler instrument on those?


I guess the Logic way would be to marquee through the track and manually slice then just drag pieces to an EXS but that's not as slick as Ableton's way.



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AFAIK you can only slice at transient markers, however you can delete unwanted transients in the sample editor, or add only the transients you want, where you want them.


Use the transient editing mode:




Then double-click the transients you wish to delete. Or click the "-" (minus) button until transients disappear, then add transients where you want them with the pencil tool.

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