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Rerouting quicktime Movie Audio within Logic

esteban ferguson

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Hi There,


Im trying to route the audio from a movie within logic to different outputs (in my case, out 3-4 using a symphony 64 card). I read that the movies output is determined by the system out put (which in my case is specified as symphony 64 output 1-32 in system preferences).


Is there any way around this? i need my movies audio output to send to 3-4 so i can have control over panning, level and eq while composing to picture (dialog panned hard left, temp panned hard right from the studio).


Trying to make the switch from 32 bit to 64 bit and leaving the Canopus firewire video output (which normally handles sound) is proving to be a real pain. Anyone else made this transition or have any other ideas?



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