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Playing movie in Logic through a projector


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My band is running Logic pro live for backing tracks, lighting cues, and playing video. I am having trouble getting the movie to play through our projector. I am using a motu828 mkII as an interface and running a firewire cable to an ADS pyro A/V link, then a regular video cable to the projector. I don't know what settings to use in Logic to send the video. Please help, I can't find any videos anywhere that address this. I have dip switches on the A/V box set for MAC and NTSC. I thought I could choose the firewire option but it still isn't working.


Thank you for your time


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Hey Sean,


Take a look in the Logic Pro User Manual under "Project Settings in Logic Pro". You'll find a section on video project settings...


Here's a quick summary of what it sounds like you need to do:


To open video project settings: Choose File > Project Settings > Video (or use the Open Video Project Settings key command, default assignment: Option-V).


Then, find the External Video Output checkbox: Select to turn on external video output to your video monitor.


Finally, select the video output as FireWire: Choose this mode to output QuickTime movies from your project to a FireWire device. (Your FireWire DV device must be connected at the time.) For technical reasons, only QuickTime movies in DV format are supported.


Hope that helps!

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