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Memory Issue with K4 and K5

L Hall

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I have a rather large orch template setup that used mostly Kontakt 4. Almost never had any issues with it crashing unless I started adding a lot of plugins.


I recently got Kontakt 5 player so I could use LASS2 which just came out and requires K5 to work.


As I'm trying to replace the LASS K4 tracks with LASS2 K5, I'm experiencing a crazy amount of "not enough memory and will close" crashing each time I finish replacing a track. LASS2 uses slightly more RAM, but not that much.


I have memory server enable. I have 13 GB of Ram and with even just 1.69 showing on the memory server I get a crash.


Also, the first time I click to load an empty instance of K5, it takes a loooong time for the plugin to appear - like 30 seconds as opposed to a couple before.


I'm on Logic 9.1.5.


Has anyone experienced such problems? Not sure if it's a Logic thing, a Kontakt thing, or a LASS thing.


Any thoughts?

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