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Ultrabeat sample folder

Jan Steele

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In the Ultrabeat manual it says this

Note: When you save a drum kit with the Settings menu, only the location of the sample is saved with the setting. An Ultrabeat setting doesn’t actually save the audio files themselves—merely a reference to their hard disk location. If you load a setting that contains a reference to a sample that has been moved or erased, a dialog prompts you to specify or find the sample. To avoid this problem, it is highly recommended that you use the Finder to create and manage a dedicated Ultrabeat sample folder—for all sounds and kits.


I'm not clear about the significance of this. So far I haven't tried to create any new Ultrabeat sets using samples, and I'm not likely to in the near future. So is this instruction a housekeeping one for people who are doing this or is there some other reason for it?

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