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Transposing a Lead Sheet in Logic Pro 9


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I'm creating lead sheets just with measure lines, slashes for the 4 beats per measure, chords above the measures and lyrics below.


I'd like to transpose the lead sheet I've created in concert key, now for a tenor sax player, i.e., up 2 semitones.


My current score set is "lead sheet." When I go into Layout>Score Sets I am able to make the transposition, which shows in the score editor on the lead sheet I've created, but I can't seem to save that new transposed format as a new score set.


If I create a new score set from scratch, let's call it "tenor", with the transposition, how would I "attach" it to the currently lead sheet I've created.


Somehow this should be simple, but unfortunately I'm now dazed and confused.


I appreciate your help.





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