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Can you automate compression


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Say I have a really quite intro and a full power chorus, and I want to compress both by about 3db gain reduction, how can I do this without first setting it while listening to the intro and than having a problem with far too much compression when it get to the chorus? Can you automate compression?
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Yes, you should be able to automate the compression to suit each section. If you automate the threshold parameter so that the compressor kicks in only at a higher volume through the louder section that should work. You should also be able to automate any of the other parameters to suit too, like the ratio, attack and release and so on. I'd try experimenting with a few settings and see how you go.
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how do I automate the bypass? Its not showing up with the rest of the compressor automation options??


It's not part of the plug-in, it's part of there Channel Strip.

Try the Main sub-menu instead. :wink:


I know its not part of the plug in :)


yeppp it was in the main menu as insert #2 bypass

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Use separate tracks with different compressor settings.

Much easier to fine-tune than being locked into automation.




Avoid *CLICK!* insert *POP!* bypass.




I've found the CLICK/POP issue on every plug-in I've tried to automate the bypass on - not my preferred method due to this...

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I found adjusting 'mix' in Logic's compressor automation options automates how much of the compressor is heard - from 0-100%

That mix parameter adjusts the balance between dry (uncompressed) and wet (compressed) signal. The instant the slider is not on 100%, what you're doing is called "Parallel compression" (you have an uncompressed signal that is running in parallel with a compressed signal and both are mixed together).


The results will not be the same as changing the compressor parameters throughout the song to have it work harder on certain sections of your song (whether through automation or by using different tracks with different compressor settings).


I also like the multiple track approach.


There's another approach: set the output of your channel strip to a bus and create a few Auxes with their input set to that bus. Each Aux has its own compression settings, and you automate the Auxes. This allows a lot of flexibility as you can seamlessly switch between serial and parallel compression. For example the following configuration allows me to automate the levels of dry, soft comp and hard comp. On a vocal, I may choose to use soft comp during the verse, then blend in some hard comp during the choruses, and blend dry and soft comp for the bridge and the outro.


Click the pic to see the channel strip labels:



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