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Hello everyone , I'm a newbie in this forum . However , I've been producing songs for 3 years (Still new to the industry) . There's been this question all along , and I couldn't get an answer . Here's my case:


I'm making a song , and the Verse's chord sequesnce is as follows: .I have purchased a pack that contaings guitar loops , in the sample the loop was playing C# . However, when I bought the full pack, still the loop plays the C#. my question is as follows :


- Can a Major be pitched and converted into a minor chord ?(thorugh any software) , if Not , then why I sometimes find loops that play Major or Minor chords, and not play both (so that I can change, as I wish) .


- If I'm wrong (musical-wise or software"technique"-Wise) , please enlighten me . How am I suppose to do in such case ?


Thank You

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well, I play guitar, have Logic and love working with different artists. get in touch...


But aside from that,... I assume you are asking about the c# note against the Am chord,..you can hightlight them all and move them to c,..

theres your am chord.


Another thing,.this may not translate in email,...major and minor can work / sub for each other in thirds....ex.


Am chord,....using C major loop will work (generally)


also, the reverse,.have a C major chord? well then your Am loops will work with this. (generally)

very basic music theory here

3 alphabet letters btw if you want to use it as a "guideline" for yourself


have fun!

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