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lives 8s highlight and consolidate the logic way?


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hi. new to logic coming from ableton. how in logic do i highlight an area with several regions in and make it one new region incorporating the sounds but in one region. i have tried the merge feature which is fine but if say the first region starts on beat 2 then merging creates a new region that starts at beat 2 but i want it to start on beat 1 therefore adding 1 beat of silence in the region. i do this in live by highlighting the area i want the new region to start and end and pressing command j (consolidate).


what is the logic way? is it done using the marque tool?




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Logic doesn't offer that function, so you'd have to cut a little bit of silence from an audio region and place it on beat 1.


thanks david for the work around :wink:


while your here i have many small questions coming so should i start a new thread each one with a descriptive title or shall i just make one thread and keep adding new questions to it?

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