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Environment: Macros not working [SOLVED]


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Hi all,


I'm trying to build some macros that I can use across files, but I can't make them work. Most of them are simple -- 2 or 3 transformers cabled together outputting into a monitor. I select them all, go to New > Macro. They are bundled together, but when I plug the cable in and out, I get nothing. :shock:


Below is a pic of one such transformer. What else do I need to do?



Spliter & Shifter


Any help is appreciated.

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Suggest explicitly naming the input object Macro-In (or Macro In) and the output object Macro-Out (or Macro Out) per the convention*. This will prevent Logic from getting confused about which are your input and output objects (respectively) when you don't explicitly name them.


Second, it's strange that you have a monitor object with two outputs, although neither one seems to be connected to anything. If there's nothing connected to the monitor's output to begin with, wondering why you have two outputs showing.


Anyway, try the naming convention first. That should do the trick.


* I've never noticed any difference in functionality or performance if the hyphens are included in the names (per the manual) or not.

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OK... your first picture: looks to me like the channel splitter is your "input object" and the monitor is the "output object". If that's correct, simply re-name the splitter "Macro In" and rename the monitor "Macro Out". Then macro-ize it and see if it works.


Second picture: you can't have more than one output from a Macro.

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