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Ultrabeat House Kick Presets

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hi, sorry about this but what do i do ?? :oops:


i downloaded the file, i notice the session file and opened it up .. i was assuming what i had download was a preset for ultrabeat and on each voice i had a nice house kick bank .. i love he kick by the way is this tuned to a specific note ??

iMac 3.06ghz intel core i3 12GB 1333MHz

High Sierra 10.13.6 Logic X 10.4

MacBook Pro 2.2ghz intel core i7 16GB

High Sierra 10.13.6 Logic X 10.4

Scarlett 2i2 Yamaha Hs8

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Wow! what a gift. I just registered to this forum to say "Thank you man!" :-)


It's a pity that even for 808, 909 style drums apple just provides sampled stuff with Ultrabeat.

Great examples, great use of Ultrabeat and channel strips.


Just wonder, if anybody has more Ultrabeat synthesized drums?



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