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Mixing on a separate computer and 2 dongles if i pay


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i have 2 macs. one its an older ppc g5 2.0 ghz running logic 7.2.3 mac OS 10.4.8.


is there a way i can use my other intel imac OS 10.5.8) to load up logic sessions and mix ? maybe no recording just mixing. if so do i need to move the dongle to my other computer back and forth? can i buy a second dongle? i paid for my logic pro so not sure...hope someday to upgrade to current version of logic studio etc...

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I have logic pro 7.2.3 on solid on a PPC g5 dual core 5gigs ram OS 10.4.8.

i'd like to install logic on my other intel imac for purposes of mixing...i dont want to move my interface and other gear...just would like to mix a bit on the imac. Ive been out of the loop as far as compatability for a while. the imac is 2ghz intel core duo with 1gb 667 mhz ddr2 sdram. mac OS 10.5.8


I'd rather not move the dongle back and forth computer to computer because its pretty fragile on my stable system. Can i upgrade to the version of logic that does no longer require a dongle on the imac and keep the other 7.2.3 version the way it is? if so what is the cost and best option for me? would the upgrade force me to somehow upgrade my stable system. anyway to have 7.2.3 on the imac intel without a dongle move...pretty sure not. sorry alot of questions...thank you in advance!


There's many reasons i have not upgraded my OS 10.4.8 and logic 7.2.3 such as third party software that would require upgrading as well.

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I would just buy Logic 9 ($199) for the iMac, and keep 7.2.3 with the dongle on the old PPC if that's what you want.

i'd rather upgrade but seems like a huge hassle with 3rd party stuff...at least for now. funny how i end up using mainly logics plugs anyway. except maybe an L2 on the master fader .i might need to get more ram and hard drive space for the imac first. also can you run logic studio sessions off a firewire 800 HD...i will be installing logic studio on the main HD but maybe run sessions off a firewire HD instead of installing extra HD inside the imac....well see


so. 199 is the upgrade from 7.2.3 to 9? and i guess it cant hurt to keep the version 9 for the future of my older logic pro when im ready to spend time NOT recording and getting software compatible.


thank you david.

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Apple no longer sells upgrade licenses for Logic. You just buy a full license for $199, whether or not you already own an earlier version.



so wait...sorry if im not understanding. the same logic pro that i bought way back when ... 7.2 was 999.00 is now 199.00?

but now called logic studio?

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Actually I may have been a bit too fast with that last answer?


Logic Pro 9 is Universal Binary


In any case yes, if you installed Logic 9 on your PPC you'd still retain Waveburner and all the other apps. In fact you could rename the Logic app (for example rename it Logic7_2) and that way you could use both - depending on what project you're working on for example.

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For PPC owners, an old G5 with 6-8 gb RAM still makes a useful system. But the DDR2 RAM is very expensive now if you're in need. I got a boxed logic 9 only to find it's 9.1, so it won't install or run on PPC. I had to find a Logic 9.0 and upgrade it to 9.0.x, I forget the exact subversion, and I upgraded Osx to 10.5.8. That's the last setup for PPC, and it works darned well for a 5 year old rig.
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