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Logic forgets colors, track icons, Side Chain settings?


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It seems like when I have "a lot" of things going on, my Logic would forget things. Like colours or track icons for example. At the moment I have 5 audio tracks, 13 instrumental tracks and 5 auxiliary tracks.


I just opened the compressor on one of the tracks, and noticed that there was no side chain set. It should have been "Bus 1" but it said "none". If I forgot that, it's okay - but what if Logic forgot that? Which is my thought. That would be terrible. I cannot check everything all the time. Colours are not so important, but these things really are...


I have a 2011 iMac 27" 4GB 3.2 Ghz with the latest Lion and latest Logic.


No other applications are open - not much CPU used either by Logic actually.


I don't get this, can any of you wise guys help me with this?


Cheers guys

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Losing side-chains still happens in Logic Pro X. I can create the problem every time i move any plug-in from one FX spot to another then hit undo... Multiple (10+) side-chains are instantly gone & replaced with no side-chain.... oh no! any resolve anyone?
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