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MIDI Keyboard suggestions

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Right now im torn between the 1st gen Axiom61, and the 2nd gen Axiom61, i wanted the pro version but its just way too expensive.

I watched this(

) video and want a controller that will be able to act like it has HyperControl without having it. I know the 2nd gen axiom has direct link, but DL doesn't work with virtual instruments and plug ins, and setting up the 1st gen to the transpose controls isnt hard so i see no real advantage. I dont mind setting up the parameters plug in by plug in, what makes me nervous is the fact that im not sure if the controller will realize what Virtual Instrument im on and automatically set its mode to it without me having to press a button for it to switch to that specific VI mode. The advantage i see right now of the Gen1 over the Gen2 is that its cheaper and that it has more buttons to play around with.
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Biggest advantage of Gen2 is the smooth rotary knobs (on the 1st gen the knobs aren't linear, they make little clicks as they jump from one position to another while you turn them). I would go for the Gen2. I own the Axiom Pro 61: I don't care much for DirectLink or HyperControl and simply assign knobs/sliders manually as needed.
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i prefer the clicks actually, but my biggest concern is how it will interact with logic, i would like to know if it is possible make it kind of smart and when i open a effect or something it realizes so and adjusts its mode to it so when i move the knobs around it changes the parameters on the effect
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