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Logic 9 performance on quad core MacMini Lion Server

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Hi all,


I have a project in Logic 9 on my MacBook Pro i7 (8GB RAM) which has become very large: my CPU can't handle it any more. I've tried the usual tricks (freezing, deleting unused plugins, big buffer etc) but can't make it work. I don't want to start compromising the song just because it's got too big for my mac.


I'm thinking of buying a Mac Mini LionServer to continue with this and other projects. I have been reading




which gave me the idea (as I had been previously thinking it was time to buy a MacPro, if I could afford one.) It's still a costly move, since my MacBook Pro is not even 2 years old, but the Mac Mini Lion Server is Quad Core, not dual as my MBP is. I'll upgrade it of course to 8GB RAM. Do you guys think I'll see much difference in the performance from the quad cores?


Many thanks for your advice.

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First of buy anything, you can load your project and disable the instruments/plugins of the rest of tracks you don't want to bounce.

Later active one by one the tracks and their plugins, in order to bounce only one track per time.


About the power of a MacMini, the new ones are very powerful (I'm not an owner) but your current computer should be enough.


Could you give as more details of your project?



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Did this begin happening when you upgraded to 9.17 by any chance? I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to running the latest version of all of my software, but the horror stories of people having trouble with CPU overload and projects becoming unplayable has caused me to stick with 9.16. It doesn't seem to happen to everyone and seems it MAY be be specific to video cards/screens, but regardless, that might be what your problem really is. I'm hoping you're a Time Machine kinda guy and can roll back to 9.16 of you need to. Good luck
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Thank you both for your replies.


Re. the project: I am running many instances of the Korg Legacy collection - which have to run on the 32bit audio bridge. I am dismayed that Korg don't seem to be developing a 64bit version as I lean heavily on these instruments, and I think it is the 32bit bridge which may be the problem. There are some audio tracks (vocals) but many virtual instruments and lots of Waves plugins; also Kontakt. Any ideas?


I am indeed running 9.1.7 on Lion - though I think I had the problems even on 9.1.6. I believe there is some talk that Lion has seriously sub-optimal memory management, and that some people have even rolled back to Snow Leopard.


I am indeed a time machine guy. Should I go back, do you think? Thanks so much for this advice - I really appreciate it.

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Whether or not you should roll back is a big question and kind of depends on how much time you can make available to troubleshoot your problem. If it were ME, i would rather go through restoring back to 9.1.6, finding out it wasn't the answer, and then go to the trouble of restoring back to 9.1.7, than to buy a Macmini Lion Server, and find out the problem was 9.1.7 all along. Now there is always a chance 9.1.7 will work fine on your Macmini because as we are aware, not everyone has the problem with 9.1.7. But you could still be spending money you don't really need to spend. Honestly, it's a tough question but that is what i would do
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