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Choosing Screenset take me out of folder [SOLVED]


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Whenever I choose a screenset while I'm inside a folder, it takes me out of the folder and back to the main arrange area.


This behavior almost defeats the point of having a screenset, since everything is now zoomed (or whatever my screenset chosen has) but not where I want to be, so I have to "find" my folder, which is now quite difficult given the zoom level of the screenset I've just switched to.


I'll have to test it, but I think it would actually be faster to ditch the screenset and manually change the 2 or 3 things it does. But which makes me feel stupid enough to ask the forum ;-)


Locking doesn't seem to make any difference.

Is this just one of those things or am I possibly doing something wrong?

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It doesn't matter where you are when you choose a screenset. When you choose a screenset, you recall that arrangement of windows etc. If that screenset was locked inside a folder, you will be inside that folder when you recall it. If it was locked at the top level, you will be at the top level when you recall it. If your screenset was not locked, it will be in the same state it was the last time you used that screenset - independently of what you may or may not have done in other screensets.
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Actually, I've hit this again, and I gather there is a bug in this.

I've taken a screen recording if it's necessary.

Basically I do "Screenset 2" which takes me to the vocal folder.

Then I do "Screenset 5" which is supposed to take me out of the folder into the main area.

It shows everything right (zoom level etc) except it stays in the vocal folder.

I do "Screenset | Unlock"

I navigate out of the vocal folder.

I do "Screenset | Lock"


Press "Screenset 2" - take me to vocal folder - tick

Press "Screenset 5" - *It's still stuck in the vocal folder


At this point, i cannot get Screenset 5 to take me out of the vocal folder.

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