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Cinema display alternative suggestions?!

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Hey guys


I have a beautiful new macbook pro 15 inch but the screen size is not doing it for me when I'm not on the go and in my studio...

I would LOVE a Cinema Display but cannot justify the price as i could spend that money on far more useful musical goodies..


So does anyone have suggestions of a good alternative, perhaps around 21 inch and up for a high quality display to pair with the macbook, for say around 3 or 400 dollars??


obviouly not quite the quality of the cinema display but as close as possible in that general budget...


Any specific specs i should look out for?

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Ok so ja, thats the other thing i was wondering,... Will i lose screen quality by using a normal Screen connector (sorry don't know terms - is it VGA?) I already have that adapter from the Mac's thunderbolt/video port to VGA cable... would i be better off buying a new kind of adapter..?
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If you use VGA, you loose picture clarity, it's that simple.

VGA is analog, DVI and HDMI are digital.


Triplets, you raised my curiosity so I just did a comparison with my Samsung monitor. I have both VGA and DVI adaptors (both are Apple). I really could not see any difference in clarity, contrast or sharpness at all. Perhaps with HD video or detailed photography work I would see a difference but for the purpose of using it for Logic (arrange, mixer and piano roll or whatever) VGA and DVI are indistinguishable (at least to my eyes). Obviously digital is now and the future but VGA still works fine for something like Logic.

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