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Looping 4 bar live guitar

Gaetano Capuano

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So I did a project today. The guitar part was all chords, 8th notes, 4 bars. I layed down the first 4 bars. And then stretched it with the pointer tool But there was a click/pop type of thing taking place at the new loop section every time. I am sure this is a noob question. I know about going to the drop down inspector menu and clicking Xfade, but the fade option was not even present in this track.

Then I did another track, the Fade option was present, I did it, but it did not help. I also did preferences, general, loop off setting thing and it did not help.



Any insight guys? Basically lopping an audio loop getting it to play seamlessly.

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press esc and pick your crossfade tool in the arrange window. Cracks and pops are usually at the end of an audio file, but good to trim both, every audio file lets you, fade in, fade out. so use them if you get stuck, you won't need much of a fade
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