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Hypereditor - Cant draw in velocity


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To the OP: It's worth stating at this point that velocity info is tied to note info. You cannot draw velocity information independently of notes the way you can other MIDI CCs like volume and pan. Velocity is not a MIDI CC message. It is part of the note message, and is therefore associated with and tied to a specific note. You edit a note's velocity in the hyper editor by altering the height of it's stalk. You don't actually draw it in.
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Hi Jordito! I opened a new project and the velocity information is editable in the hyper editor. Good tip though im not sure why. In my new project the velocity data is visible in the hyper editor. In my projects with the problem the velocity data is not even visible.


To elik: sorry I didnt mean draw exactly rather edit the values.

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Hey ramman, if it worked in a new project all I can think of is that the other project is somehow corrupted (unless I'm missing something obvious).


You could take advantage of the selective track import feature in Logic 9 and import all the content of the project to a new project and save that one to continue working on it instead. That may take care of the problem.


Try and see.



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Hey, I tried that and everything works fine in a new project. Thanks for the tip.


Great! I'm glad that took care of it!


I wonder how things get corrupted?


It normally happens when the music starts to suck, it's basically Logic's way of telling you "enough of that already, you're killing me!"




I'm kidding of course!


Sometimes it happens when starting project before bar 1, others when having more than one project open at the same time...but it can also happen for random reasons that no one knows about.



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