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skipping CDs from Waveburner

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Last week my CD masters started skipping made from Waveburner. They are skipping ahead a few seconds in my car CD player. If I back up a few seconds and let it play thru again it doesn't skip. I have also noticed audio dropouts while playing the timeline in Waveburner. I was burning them to verbatim media previously with no problems. I thought maybe my car player was going bad. I made a CD for a client on JVC watersheild media and he reported skipping. two different media and two different cars made me think its my 6 month old MacBook Pro. I burned a CD on the verbatim with an external drive that has not been used much and found yesterday it also skips in my car. Could there be a problem with the latest Waveburner update (1.6.1)? Any ideas about how to trouble shoot this issue?



MacBook Pro 2.2 ghz quad (i7) 8G ram

Lion 10.7.3

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