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Score order

L Hall

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I've been using Logic for years and have always been able to select the tracks I wanted to see in the score window and they would appear in the same order. For example, Violin I (track 1) would appear in the score view on top with Violin II (track 2) below it.


Now for some reason, when I pull up the score window with tracks 43 and 44 selected, track 44 appears on the top stave instead of the bottom. I've tried re-ordering them, etc. but nothing seems to change. Even imported score settings from previously known working projects.


Any thoughts?



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I'm trying to do that, but I can't figure out a way to cause the tracks to appear in the order I want them. When I create a new score set and add instruments, they always appear with track 44 previous to track 43 and there doesn't seem to be a way to edit the order. Am I missing something?
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Not sure why they're appearing in reverse order, but here's what you'd do to remedy this...


1) create the score set from those two instruments and name the set (optional, but desirable)

2) in the score set editor, select the first instrument by clicking in the thin white column at the left of its name (a small grayish-black bar then appears in the column)

3) CMD-X cut, leaving you with the second instrument. The first instrument is in the clipboard.

4) now click in the white area below the remaining instrument. You'll see either an insert "carat" or a black bar. Then CMD-V paste.




If you like, have a gander at the 3-part Score Sets tutorial I have published at MacProVideo.com, in "The Hub" section. Once in The Hub, do a search for "score sets" and they'll show up.

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Cool. I'll try that. Thanks much.


Looking forward to checking out your videos, too.




You're welcome! BTW, the score set tutorials are just articles, but they're illustrated. If you want to turn them into a video, look to the left of your monitor, then turn your head to the right. :lol: :lol: :lol:


Let me know how things work out.





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