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How to convert CC info to specific Track Automation


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My problem is basically the difference between recorded CC information and track automation data.


I used "MIDI learn" to get a knob on my controller to work with a plugin's knob.

Now, I can record that, and get it to work.


But as soon as I close the plugin (?) or restart, the MIDI learn assignment disappears.

Leaving the CC information playing, but effecting nothing.

Now, the learn assignment disappearing is not actually what I'd like to solve.

I'd like to know how to convert that CC information into what appears when I goto "track automation".


For example, I'm actually using NI Reaktor and found that when I went into track automation, as well as Volume and Pan, there's a special menu for Reaktor which includes the one I'm automating: "Modal Bank:CUTOFF"




At this point, I could also just edit this automation and forget all my knob twiddling.

My question basically comes down to, how can I get my knob to control this track automation instead of CC messages which get lost depending on what's mapped at the time?


Just to complete this picture, because I may be speaking ambiguously... This shows the results of my knob twiddling in region automation. Which I have on another track (Mut Gtr Aux)



So, I'd like to just pick up my recorded CC data and move it over to "Track Automation" but specifically assigned to this particular CUTOFF parameter. Is it possible? A different workflow needed?

Do I have any idea what I'm talking about ;-)

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I did actually. It doesn't do anything. And by that, I mean, exactly nothing happens after doing it.

I guess it couldn't do exactly what I want because it's got no way of knowing the automation "setting"(?) that I want - which is the ModalBank:CUTOFF setting.

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I'm asking again with my specifics.


I have a soft synth (KORG polysix), it has 'midi learn' on the controls. I assign a few knobs to CCs from my edirol midi controller. I make a new track with the same KORG instrument and record only the midi CC values (cutoff, resonance, release). Works great - I play back the two tracks (one with notes, one with controllers) and it sounds as I expect.


But the 'midi learn' settings aren't saved with KORG VST (at least I don't know how to...). So I try to convert the midi to automation. When I try to "Move All Region Data to Track Automation" or "Move Visible Region Data to Track Automation", I see no resulting automation in either of the 2 tracks. Just "264 unused" shows up in the header.


Am I missing something? Is this the right workflow? I just want to be able to do a few passes tweaking the knobs till it's right, and be able to recall it after I save the track.

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Figured it out. Use logic's native midi controller assignment, NOT the midi learn on the software synth. Hit cmd-L, bring up the controller assignment window. Turn a knob in the software synth. Turn a knob on your controller. See the saved mapping in the window (follow the instructions if you want more mappings). When you want to record your midi controller data, put the track on latch, hit play, and turn the knobs.


The best thing is that it works with ANY knob, fader, whatever you can automate in any software synth.

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