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Getting Logic 9 on 4 Macs working simultaneously

Reuben G

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Whats is the best and cheapest way to get Logic Pro 9 to run simultaneously on 4 Macs (x2 iMacs and x2 Macbook Pros) that are all on the same network?

Its for a Youth club so buying Logic four times from the App store isn't possible.



Looks like there's no ethical & legal way to avoid the $199 per computer fee. Is the issue that you don't want to go through the App Store, or that the club can't afford the licenses?


If you can't afford the licenses, maybe you can check out Ardour, the free open-source DAW: http://www.ardour.org

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Thanks alot for your help :)


We cant buy through the App store as the council wont buy stuff through iTunes account etc.


We're able to buy the licenses but i'm wondering if we'd need to buy 2 or 3? Its says on the apple website that you can install it on an iMac and Laptop but not clear wether you can run to 2 simultaneously if they're on the same network.


We're going to buy logic studio then get 3 (or 2 if possible) addition volume licenses like these:



But I'm a bit confused by the "20+ Seats" in the title. Does this mean you can only buy 20 or more at a time? Its doesn't really explain what that actually means. If so can you buy individual licenses from else where?



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