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Discrepancy with Tuners


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I'll tune a guitar, bass to A 440 with a clip on tuner, korg tuner, and a perterson strobe tuner. They all are in sync with each other, perfectly in tune. Then when I check the tuning with Logic's tuner or Guitar Rig or Amplitube or TH2. Essentially any software tuner I use shows that the guitar is flat about -10 cents.


Thing is when the guitars are tuned to the hardware tuners, software instruments in Logic sounds in tune with the guitar. I've been trusting the hardware tuners but it would be convenient to use software tuners. Maybe I just can't tell the difference and been recording -10 cents flat this whole time! Seems like alot though, It's enough to change the angle on a Floyd Rose tremelo when I tune to the software tuners.


The way I'm doing it now seems to be working so it's all good. Just wondering if anybody else has experienced this?

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