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Using I/O plug in 0 samples offset RME UCX [SOLVED]

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I have asked this for the last 5 days over at the RME forum, but the silence is deafening.


I recently purchased a RME UCX interface, to replace my saffire pro 40.


One difference in operation with LOGIC between the two interface, when using the I/O plug in to reamp through external hardware.


The ping returns a 0 samples offset.


I asked over on the RME forum, if this is correct....tumbleweeds rolling, sound of wolf howling in distance.............


My saffire pro 40, always returned a value.


Now, I wondered if this is correct on the RME's part, and maybe its driver was handling things...or if its wrong...


anyone using RME UCX or another RME device that gets the same thing...I have been searching the net for an answer...cant find one...


thanks very much in advance....





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Indeed, zero is the correct value for you to set Logic's recording delay to.




If you do a realtime loopback recording from an output of TotalMix back into Logic, you'll need to set your recording offset to compensate. When I'm doing this kind of operation I have to set my recording delay to +75 samples.

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When I'm doing this kind of operation I have to set my recording delay to +75 samples.


RME-drivers always reports the right ADDA + TotalMix delay value via Core Audio to Logic.

When you are using the internal loop function the delay is indeed negative due to non existing conversion. Core audio still thinks that it needs to compensate for analog digital chain.

75 samples is specific to the Fireace 800 and variates depending on the Sample Rate. You will probably get a smaller value at Double and Quad speeds.

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