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Main Question: Will changing to desktop computer fix hissing


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Here is my main question:


Will changing from Logic 8 academic to Logic 9 & from my laptop to my boyfriend's Mac desktop 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 help my problem?


Issue: Guerrilla recording setup still has large hissing background noise in all audio tracks, I think because I'm using my somewhat dated (and often noisy) laptop, which may be the sole thing picking up all that buzzing. The room I was in was almost perfectly quiet, as far as neighborhood rooms go. I have a Shure SM58, connected to my laptop through a USB interface (I want to upgrade to Apogee Duet soon, hoping I can get by for now w/ the USB one - no monies!).


I downloaded Audacity and tried it on my files; it worked, but I can definitely tell there's some kind of fluctuations going on in there as its accounting for all of that hissing, and plainly, doesn't sound great.


So, will leaving laptop land and jumping ship to desktopville assuage this symptom?


Thanks for the help!!! :D


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Oh, that makes sense; though I guess I was trying to avoid having to buy a new one quite yet.. I'm using a Hosa Technology Tracklink Microphone to USB Interface. If you think just upgrading to a new interface (like the Apogee One or Duet like I'd like) would do it, then I'd get to avoid upgrading to Logic 9 for right now. I'd just read that a noisy computer can *sometimes* be the cause for hiss, so wasn't sure.
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AWESOME. I did this on my boyfriend's computer, and the hiss was better but still pretty prevalent. I guess I will need to get that better interface then, but I'm glad to know what the root cause was; Thank you!! all! :) For getting back to me so quickly.
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