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Recording mic recommendations pls

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I'm in the market for a recording mic once again.I understand this topic is always on debate & finding the right mic can be a wild goose chase,but then I'd rather hear from you,fellow Logic users.I guess some mics may specially suit Logic so your opinion counts.


I'm looking for a mic specially suitable for male vocals on a $300/- budget & could go a little further if really needed for my home studio setup.I am just returning a recently purchased Sterling Audio ST77.This mic for some reason,brought out static noises I've never heard on some of the cheaper mics I own like AT4040.When the static noises didnt show up ,it was oversensitive with breath noises & picked up noises that were far away from the room.The mic was selling for 500 bucks & I got it price matched for $170/-. Within a fortnight it started selling for $199 & is now not available anymore.I liked the brilliance & clarity of this mic but then the static noises & disturbance are too much to handle.

Been reading about the Bluebird.Please recommend a good mic that would sound as professional as possible on a low budget.


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