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Mac Pro 'early2008' + slow arrange window workflow


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Setup: Mac Pro (8core), osx 10.6.8, Logic pro 9.1.7, 4 (7200rpm) internal disks, 6gb ram, GPU: ATI radeon 2600xt


Problem: when totally zoomed out, Logic becomes very slow.. A good workflow is interrupted by this..

When I copy an 'empty' midi region (1bar) for about 200 times in about 40 tracks and I press 'Z' I see the total arrange project in front of me. Then Logic gets very slow in copying, pasting, simple actions... Zooming via the keycommands is also very slow..


I've found one topic on this one: to reduce the 'undo tasks' under preferences.. Nope, doesn't help me..


Is it possible, my graphical card is to slow for this kind of arrangements?


The .plist.com file was already trashed but did not help..

I think when I reduce my screen res. , things become more smooth.. (possible?)


Thnx in advance !


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I work in 64-bit mode, also tried in 32 bit.. same result..

I've got a second partition in my mac pro with Lion 10.7.3 and Logic 9.1.7: same result..

That's why I think it's GPU related..

Thnx for your time :)


I see we have the same macpro.. An other person I know, also has this mac.. He was struggling with weird Logic behaviour when he just bought the mac.. He replaced his old ram with newer/other and his problem was solved..

This might be an other option ??


I'm running out of options I gues..


Graphic Card - Ram - Diskproblems (unlikely because Lion acts the same) - Software probs?



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I've installed a demo version of Cockos Reaper.. This thing is as fast as a roadrunner.. 40 tracks, 5minutes with empty regions and it doesn't slowdown at all...


I love Logic but they must release a 'modern' version.. Ableton/reaper/bitwig(soon) are WAY ahead of Logic.. What's the problem with Apple? Too busy with their Iphone 5,6,7,8, ... :))

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I have the same Mac, with an ATI Radeon HD 2600 graphics card, and don't have these problems. I didn't have them when I tried with 6 instead of 8 gb RAM either. But I use Lion.


I've also got a Lion Partition, same problems here..


Could it be some plugins you use? Many other open Apps? Do you restart the Mac every day?

The test that I did was: 40tracks (software instruments tracks) with 200 bars empty midi regions. NO plugins,NO effects, NO busses, NO other apps and I restart my mac everyday...


When I press Z the arrange is totally zoomed 'out'. When I use my keycommands to zoom in, Logic responds very slow . Also when copying or repeating sections Logic behaves sluggish.. Again, Logic works fast and perfect except when I've got a complete overview of ALL my regions in a project = zoomed out !

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