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Recommend MIDI Controler and Hardware

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Hello, I have a semi-pro background with synthesizers and composition; but quit composing and playing before the Sequencing Revolution and would like to get back into making music. I have zero experience with DAWs and have decided to get the Logic Pro 9 program with an iMac for reasons of convenience and service on those products. I am leaning towards an AVID Oxygen 88 midi controller, is there anybody with experience on that particular MC and would they recommend it for other users. Furthermore is there any other recommended hardware for an intermediate experienced creator of Chill/Electronic/Film/Ambient Music.
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You can control your DAW with a controller as cheap as the Keystation series from m-audio. I did just that back several months ago. What I didn't realize, is that ultimately - i wanted to control Logic from my keyboard. I needed the additional controls of the Axiom Pro. So for my purposes, the keystation was a waste of money. Point is - nearly any controller will send midi messages to your DAW and can be used for what you're describing. On the other hand - if you want hands on control of the parameters of your DAW from the keyboard, or easier control during live performances, then you may want a controller with more on-board control surfaces.


I'd recommend the Axiom Pro 61. You can get good deals, and the price is comparable to the 88 key Oxygen. Again though.. it depends on how you will be using your controller. The Axiom (for me) is a fantastic keyboard. It is plug and play with an iMac and Logic ( having just gone through the setup a few months ago, I can say that it was quite simple).



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