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bouncing midi to audio issues


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Hi Guys,


Im working on a project that needs to be in for tomorrow and this time I've decided to mix with the drums still in midi form (superior drummer). In my particular experience this has been much more fun. Easy to change superiors drum mikes, add bits in easily, take stuff out easily. All good.


But right now i have a mixed/finished track. When i bounce the song down there are weird things in the mix. Sometimes the snare is a little out, or even not there. I tried bouncing to audio and it creates quite a mess swell, some bits out of time etc.


There are some heavy cpu plugins going on.


Ive tried bouncing in realtime and upping the buffer.


Does anyone else have experience of this?



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no i don't think I've experienced this before.... Are all the drums on one channel - or are there multiple superior drummers, ?


Does it happen when the drum track's are bounced in place, ? Or soloed, ? If you freeze the track does that help at all, ?


If you delete everything else in the project (obviously make sure you've saved / don't save over when doing this! ) apart from the drums and then bounce it down - do you get the same timing issues, ?


there a couple of thing's that sprung into my head.... never used superior drummer though.

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Thanks for the reply rainstick.


Tried a few of those but with no luck. I bounced the track down this morning and luckily it was a successful bounce.


But even when i first listened to the track, the snare and some other drums almost had to "warm up".


I wonder. Does anyone know that if when you are coming to the end of a project, tracks left in the midi realm suffer from some cpu intensive stuff going on and struggle to keep up with the track?


I also wonder if this struggle is then effectively bounced onto audio and cause the problem i was having.


It very much sounded like this but didn't know if it was possible!?


Either way, as much as i loved keeping it in midi throughout my work flow I'm sure that in the future I'm going to have to commit it to audio.

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so even when superior drummer is the only thing in the project you still have these issues, ? Are the out of time bit's consistent or random,? I don't know if it could be the result of latency settings / linear phase eq's / adaptive limiters or such.... Logic should compensate for these usually though....
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I have this isue too. I use SP2 and the 'warm up' thing is totally what I experience. I go into the piano roll, and select all the midi notes, and then the drums play properly. Otherwise, initial hits will be delayed, but following notes of equal pitch will then play out properly. I have no idea why this happens. I found this post because i just now bounced a song for mastering, and my drums were completely missing!
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When using a heavy duty plugin like SD2.. I have found that making sure the song doesn't start until at least Logic has rolled through 1 bar, resolves these kind of issues.. so I make sure the song starts at bar and start Logic playing at bar so it has time to process everything before the first sound is played.


Give it a try and see if that resolves things...

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electrichead84 & zepsun,


At the bottom left of the Superior Drummer window, in the Memory & Status section, make sure the CACHED button is not enabled (no blue light).

The misfires, spitting & sputtering and timing issues are exactly what it sounds like when the CACHED button is enabled on initial playback.


If you're using cached mode because you want/need to, just make sure to play all the way through the tune once (before bouncing) so Superior can cache the required samples.


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