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Tiger to 10.5.. Logic Pro 7.2.3 and upgrade


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Im still on Logic Pro 7.2.3 on MAC g5 PPC Non Intel 2.0 Dual Core. I will be upgrading my OS 10.4.8 to 10.5 and whatever version is best. What is the absolute latest and rock solid version of Logic Pro i could upgrade given my specs? i will need to upgrade waves and melodyne as well.but first and foremost logic. Thank you.
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ive been reading a bit about my post and im getting the impression that logic 8 is not such a great version to have installed with my older mac? It seems tiger is better for logic 8? i wanted to use time machine by upgrading the OS to 10.5 but that may not be such a good idea? anyone on G5PPC and a stable logic 8 with tiger/leopard? thanks sorry for so many posts..
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the new logic gui is veeery slow on g5, i would keep using 7.x and 10.4.x until you upgrade your mac.

7.2.3 + 10.4.8 is a good combination for a G5 imho.

you will encounter a major drop in performance in you upgrade to logic 8

If you want to go to the Leopard boat you can go up to the latest 8.x, 8.1.1 if i'm not wrong, it's quite stable but 7.x on 10.4 is way faster.

don't get v9 as until 9.1.x was a bug fest and with 9.1 ppc support was abandoned.

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