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"This is a drum track and cannot be analyzed" [SOLVED]


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I'm trying to analyze a midi track and extract the chords (using the "Analyze" button in the Chord Global Track), but I keep getting "this is a drum track and cannot be analyzed". How do I convince Logic that it isn't a drum track?


If I select multiple regions I get the error message multiple times, suggesting that perhaps the "drum track" info is associated with the region, not the track. But I can't find anywhere in the track settings or the region settings to change it to not a drum track. I've tried changing the various channel strip settings to make it sound less drummy (what's the least drummy instrument, a flute?) but obviously logic doesn't care what it sounds like, it's convinced it's drums regardless.


I imported the track from someone else's midi file, somehow they were tagged as drums there, I guess.


Any ideas?




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