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Splitting MIDI in right and left hand


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I am new to this forum, so let me introduce myself shortly. My name is Paco Vermeulen and I recently started to use Logic Pro 9 because I would like to record songs and e-lessons with my midi-keyboard (M-Audio Keystation 61es).


I managed to set things up and started to record my first song, but when I try to export the file as MIDI and open it in the educational software I am using (Synthesia), it doesn't recognize that the midi-track is played with two hands.


When I open a MIDI-track that I downloaded from the internet in Synthesia it shows two separate hands.


How can I set this up in Logic Pro 9, so that I can export a midi file that contains a right and a left hand track that are recorded at the same time (while I am playing the song)?


I hope someone can help me with this,


Thanks in advance!




Paco Vermeulen

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In Logic, split the notes onto two tracks. One way to do this is to create a new external MIDI track, copy the piano MIDI region onto the new track, delete the right hand notes from the first region and the left hand notes from the second region.


Then set the first track to a MIDI channel (say MIDI channel 1) and the second track to another (MIDI Channel 2).


Then export (select both regions and choose File > Export > Selection as MIDI file).


An alternative method is to leave all the notes inside a single region on a track set to MIDI Channel = All, and use for example the Event List to set your left hand note to one MIDI channel, right hand notes to another - then export.

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