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Layered or multiple ducking instances

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Hi everyone!


Just curious about something:


Does anyone perform multiple ducking processes during a mix, particularly with groups or sub-mixes ducking one another? Something tells me this could result in some craziness but I'm interested to know if this is a common technique.





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I personally do not partake in multiple ducking and prefer to duck monogamously. The general practice of ducking involves a master and a slave relationship where the voice (master) overrides the slave (music) in order to be clearly heard. There is no rule that says you can not have many masters ducking a slave.


What specifically did you have in mind? :lol:

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Thanks Shiv!


I don't have a particular mix in mind for testing this out - more of a "I wonder if..." kinda question!


I suppose it could result in some weird-sounding pulsing effects if multiple elements were ducking one another within a mix, especially if they were feeding back to one another.

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